Tommy Chong is mellow, man. He’s in recovery after a second bout with cancer and spends a lot of time lying out in the sun. But that doesn’t mean he’s stopped working. In fact, he’s hustling harder than ever, staking his claim as an entrepreneur as he builds something of an empire with his son, Paris. A really, really chill empire. In addition to comedy, his new enterprises include: a talk show, social media stardom, political advocacy, a line of beverages, and a new Cheech and Chong film. Oh, and marijuana.

Lots and lots of marijuana.

Medicinal and recreational; flowers, buds, and oil; edibles and smokeables – all under the umbrella of his new brand, Chong’s Choice. Even the beverage, Chongwater, is infused with hemp. With sales of legal weed projected to hit $6.7 billion this year, he plans to both be a pioneer, and bask in the satisfaction of an old friend finally getting its day in the sun.

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